WSJ on Gallium Nitride: The Novel Material That’s Shrinking Phone Chargers, Powering Up Electric Cars, and Making 5G Possible

“Many of the most tangible things made possible by gallium nitride, also known as GaN, are happening in power electronics. Today, you can buy small USB-C chargers with enough juice to power your laptop, phone and tablet simultaneously, even though they are no bigger than the much less powerful versions that have for years come with our gadgets.”

“As our entire world becomes more and more electrified, from our sources of energy to the devices that use it, anything that more efficiently performs the critical but easy-to-overlook function of converting electricity from one form to another has the potential to become both ubiquitous and an enormous source of revenue.”

Navitas’ Stephen Oliver, VP Corporate Marketing & Investor Relations highlights the role of GaN power ICs in performance and supply-chain optimization.