SPY: Anker’s New GaN Fast Charger Can Charge Your MacBook, iPhone & Tablet Simultaneously

“The new Anker GaNPrime line includes a variety of products, but let’s use the Anker 737 120W Charger as an example. This fast charger can replace the bulky MacBook and Dell laptop chargers that came with your device. Not only is it half the size of those awkward square chargers, but it can also charge three devices at once.

Anker also designed GaNPrime chargers to adjust the power output based on the connected device. This means you don’t have to worry about providing too much power or harming your battery. Paired with Active Shield 2.0, another technology from Anker that keeps an eye on the temperature of your device to prevent overheating, you’ve got a solid charger for any compatible product. Anker also has similar 747 and 735 Chargers, too.”